Having A Backup Battery Supply

Business and people who work from home know that their equipment, whether it be a laptop or a piece of machinery, is vital to their business. It’s what performs the job or keeps track of information. So, it’s vital that it is kept in good working order and operational at all times. So, for that [...]

Determine Your Computer’s Power Supply Needs

  Image via Wikipedia If you work with large databases or graphic-intensive software like PhotoShop, AutoCad or 3D Modeler, you have probably needed to upgrade your machine with a better graphics card and additional RAM. What you might not have been aware of is that your computer’s stock power supply is probably not hefty enough [...]

Buying A Generator – Do Not Focus On Present Alone. Consider Future Needs As Well

Most of us going in for a generator purchase take care to provide for each and every device installed in our houses. It goes without saying that we will not compromise on capacity unless it is far beyond our reach to purchase such a generator immediately. However, you should focus on not just your present [...]

Buying And Installing Alternate Power Sources – Some Useful Tips

Choosing alternative power sources for your computer is not a very difficult task. However, many persons end up spending valuable money only to get disappointed with their results.Keep the following factors in mind when you are purchasing and installing such powers solutions.Reputation matters. Trying to save a few dollars by going in for a less [...]

Eliminating the threat of scareware by being informed about the threats

You are surfing the Internet minding your own business when all of a sudden an online scanner starts telling you your computer has viruses and spy-ware. You start to panic and install the scanner to remove the threats. Unfortunately, scareware has just dubbed you and now all of your personal information is threatened. Scareware, also [...]

What to do if you have installed a scareware scanner?

A scareware scanner frightens you into thinking your present antivirus software is not doing its job and the new scanner that just popped up can do a better job. The scanners usually ask for your personal information such as credit card numbers in order to give you the best service for your buck. If you [...]

What scareware does to my computer if it is installed?

A pop up scareware scanner has gotten the best of you. It has scared you into believing you need it to remove the hypothetical viruses and Trojans it fabricated. Many times, you may not even realize you have been had until you notice your computer is not the way it normally is. There are a [...]

Determining which Internet browswer is the safest to use

People look for the best security options available to keep their computers and their personal information safe. One way to do that is to use a safe Internet browser but with so many choices out there, which should you depend on to protect your information. From Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 8, Google Chrome, Safari, to [...]

The 4 ideas to keep your computer functioning longer than normal

When people buy computers or laptops, they expect to be able to get the most out of the product. Everyone wants to be able to be able to get the most out of their computers and here are four ideas you can take to guarantee your laptop will be around years from now. First, shut [...]

Four things to remember when using public Wi-Fi

Image via Wikipedia There are Wi-Fi hotspots everywhere these days. You can walk into a restaurant, school, home, work, and even a bathroom and be able to detect wireless from your laptop. Most of the free Wi-Fi networks are free to use and to make it easier for their customers or employees to use; many [...]