Being Self-Sufficient

A self-sufficient individual has a lot of great traits that everyone needs to strive for. First among these is the tendency to plan ahead and have a backup plan for when things fail. Technology is very delicate and most people can’t repair it properly, so having a way to back up your information and literally [...]

Your Cyber-Net for the Internet

Image via Wikipedia It’s never fun when the power goes out in your house, or your business. Essentially, everything shuts down. The Dark Ages return–albeit only for maybe a couple hours, but still, it’s a feeling of powerlessness that you can’t defeat, like the world has crumbled on you. It’s such a terrible feeling that [...]

The Benefits of Wi-Fi

No longer do you have to wait AOL to say “You’ve Got Mail,” and there is no pacing the floor as you listen to the dial up tone as it connects to the Internet. Desktop computers are slowly going out of service as the IPad and Netbooks become popular. No longer do you need cords [...]

Ways to reserve computer energy on your laptop

Image by Getty Images via @daylife Whether you are sitting in an airport terminal waiting to fly out to Boston or working on a paper at your local coffee shop, conserving energy for your computer is important. Overtime, laptop batteries lose their energy causing you to have to purchase a replacement battery. Here are some [...]

Signs your computer may be infected

Fear can get the best of your when you are trying to determine if your computer has been infected with viruses and spyware. Here are some signs your laptop may be in trouble. Your system crashes can indicated that your computer’s security has been jeopardized. It is important to figure out why the computer crashed [...]