Data Backup Plans for Small Businesses

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Losing financial, customer and planning data can be catastrophic for any business, but itĀ is also completely avoidable. Savvy business owners and information system department heads know that there is no substitute for a good data backup plan. Unfortunately, the security of a company’s data is often taken for granted, leading to potential crises of untold proportions. In order to ensure that a business’s data is protected from natural disasters, file corruption or accidental deletion, a complete backup of all critical files should be conducted each day, preferably overnight or during off-peak hours.

The first step to implementingĀ a data backup plan for a small business is to determine who will be responsible for initiating, monitoring and reviewing the backups. Although one person may be able to accomplish all parts of this duty, it is advisable to have at least one or two other employees cross-trained in the event of vacation or an unplanned absence. Once you have identified the job title that will bear this responsibility, the next step is to decide where backups will be stored. By far, the best option is to have backups stored off-site in a secure location. Although your backup may not be as easy to access when you need it, you can rest assured that any event which damages your facility will have no affect on your backup data. Finally, you will need to purchase and install the equipment or software to create your backups. Now you can rest assured that your data is impregnable.



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