Hurricane Season Means Emergency Preparedness

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Although it’s been pretty quiet so far, we are definitely in the middle of hurricane season. The most fierce storms typically arrive in August and September, so you still have time to get ready.

Essential Power Needs

If you’re faced with a hurricane, expect to lose power. For some businesses, this is a very critical situation. For instance, healthcare institutions will need to keep a continual flow of electricity to run computers, medical equipment, lights and air conditioning. No matter how big or small your organization is, now is the time to buy a generator that can handle your power needs. Also, get in the habit of regular data backup. If the power should suddenly go out, or if servers in a remote location are lost, you’ll have your latest computer files saved.

IT and Natural Disasters

The IT department will be one of the most critical teams during a natural disaster. If you’re thinking about a career change, this can actually be an exciting way to go. It requires excellent critical thinking skills coupled with superior computer hardware and software knowledge. You can get an online college degree in computer related fields while working in your current position.

Every organization, including government and educational entities will need strong IT people who can manage information if a hurricane or other disaster occurs. Everything from phones to complex medical systems are computer driven. A strong critical thinker can actually be the difference between life and death.

Along with food, water and essential supplies, definitely get your technical needs ready. It may not sound like a hero’s work, but in fact, it really is.

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