Why Your Attorney is a Positive Influence Over Your Case

When you have been injured on the job, your employer, insurance companies, and other entities have their own best interests in mind. Your health, compensation, and recovery are somehow secondary to protecting their financial interests and avoiding liability for your injuries.

When you find and retain a lawyer, the attorney’s primary goal is to ensure that you get the proper health care and financial compensation for your injuries. An attorney is a positive influence over your case because he or she protects you, prevents companies from taking advantage of you, and brings order to a chaotic situation.

Negotiating With Third Parties

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After you sustain an injury, your main concern should be the recovery process. Worrying about health insurance coverage, the possibility of losing your job, and paying for medications all get in the way of your healing process. An attorney can work on your behalf to make sure that your injuries are taken care of, ensure that you have a job to return to, and help you afford the medication you need.

Your attorney will negotiate with health insurance providers and your employer, which reduces your stress and ensures that these third parties are not taking advantage of you as you recover.

Upholding Attorney-Client Privilege

When you hire a lawyer, it is their ethical duty to protect your interests by upholding attorney-client privilege. Your lawyer will ensure that everything you share with them remains confidential, and that what you share will not fall into the wrong hands. Personal injury law is complex, and it is not difficult for companies to find loopholes in the law that will absolve them from compensating you appropriately for your injuries.

In order to protect you and make sure that you get fair treatment, your New York injury attorney will make sure that the information you share does not get into the hands of third parties that may use it against you.

Providing Advice on Dealing With Employers and Companies

Even though your lawyer will negotiate with your employer and other companies on your behalf, you will still need to speak with managers, human resources representatives, doctors, therapists, and representatives from various insurance companies.

It is easy to say something that will jeopardize your case and your compensation when you have conversations with these people. To avoid this scenario, your attorney will tell you what you should and should not disclose and even provide you with role-play interview techniques to prepare you for these conversations.

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